Kevin Berthia

Suicide Survivor, Advocate, and Speaker

Kevin Berthia's journey epitomizes the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. As a suicide survivor, advocate, and speaker, he has transformed his personal pain into a beacon of hope for countless others. Growing up in silence, Kevin grappled with unbearable pain, masking it behind a facade of joviality throughout high school and into his early twenties. However, a very public suicide attempt at the Golden Gate Bridge became a pivotal moment, altering the course of his life forever.

Since 2013, Kevin has fearlessly shared his story, captivating audiences with his raw candor and unwavering honesty. His journey of healing and self-discovery serves as a testament to the power of resilience and the possibility of overcoming even the darkest of times. Kevin is driven by a passionate desire to inspire others to break their silence, to reach out for help, and to believe in the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Kevin's message of hope has resonated far and wide, touching the lives of individuals across the globe. His story has been featured in numerous magazine outlets, local and national news stations, and prestigious platforms such as the Steve Harvey Show, Red Table Talk, and the Dr. Phil Show. A poignant image of Kevin standing on the bridge's chord graced the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, solidifying his place among the 75 most iconic photos of the 21st century.

For Kevin, surviving a suicide attempt carries profound significance in the prevention of further tragedies. He understands the depths of despair and the importance of shedding light on the darkness that surrounds suicide. Through his advocacy and speaking engagements, Kevin strives to empower individuals to find their voice, to seek help, and to embrace the journey towards healing.

In Kevin's words, "No one knows more about the darkness that surrounds suicide than those who have walked in its shadow." With unwavering courage and compassion, Kevin Berthia continues to be a guiding light for those who seek hope, understanding, and a path forward from the depths of despair.

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