I wanted to thank you for providing us with a great opportunity to bring Kevin to Sonoma County. He is an amazing and inspiring speaker and I have heard great reviews from that night. He is so assessable and relatable, I was profoundly moved by his story and know that everyone there was impacted in such a positive way. We will find a way to bring Kevin back to share his powerful story. Kevin is a great advocate for stigma reduction and I know he will change people’s lives through his story.

Amy Faulstich, MSW

Mental Health Services Act Coordinator
Department of Health Services- Sonoma County Behavioral Health Division

That black people are accustomed to struggling and therefore wouldn’t attempt suicide is a pernicious myth. Kevin Berthia’s experience is both vitally important and spellbinding. In Oakland, California, reputation was everything and Kevin never talked to anyone about his depression…prior to jumping over the rail of the Golden Gate Bridge (a photo which was shared worldwide), I was riveted by his talk and personal story – just terrific!

David Covington

President & CEO
RI international

There are a number of speakers in the world that have lived experience on many issues that are excellent. Kevin has taken this to a new level. His ability to reach every walk of life at a presentation is amazing to watch. People are drawn to his authenticity, his ability to articulate the pain and suffering that comes with mental health challenges, but most importantly, he leaves you feeling hopeful that on your darkest day there is help. He is truly inspiring and it was a gift to our community when he came to our Suicide Prevention Conference.

Michele Farhat

Director of Development
Aldea Children & Family Services

What can I say…a lot about a man with a past but has an ever present now and future. I met Kevin as a referral from a friend, who gave me names of individuals who could speak for our Psycho Social Rehabilitation Conference that we do every year. I was blessed by reading the story of a man filled with pain and then meeting Kevin up close and personal as he shared his old pain but really the spark in his life now. I watched Kevin command the audience in love, hope, inspiration and impartation to the filled room of students and community members. The conference was a success, not because of numbers but because of breakthroughs that came from the audience as they listened ad allowed the participants to ask any question. There was always an answer and one that would resonate for the year to come. Have you ever connected with someone, and the connection was so real? My prayer group calls it a “miracle match.” Kevin and I have become friends, developed a brother sister relationship on several levels. One because of his and my mission to help others with mental wellness, recovery, and giving sight to the blind. Hopefully you will catch that right away. The next connection is that we are both believers in the true and living God. Kevin is a worshipper, and he worships in Spirit and in Truth. Third, we know that all things work together for our good. Out of pain bring praise, pleasures, and peace in the midst of any storm in life.
Kevin is a hard-working family man, with a beautiful wife, and children. Kevin has a new lease on life. We are all here on an assignment and Kevin’s assignment is to share his story, and to set the captives free. Yes, I know it sounds like the work of Jesus, right? Yes, it does, it is and it shall be. I refer to Luke 4:18:19 The Spirit of the Lord is upon Kevin, because He has anointed him to proclaim/share/live the good news to the poor, downtrodden, those challenged by their lack of mental wellness, Kevin was sent to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, not only those who are physically in prison but those who are mentally imprisoned. Kevin was appointed to give sight to the blind, those who could not see a way out of their darkness, but because a living, breathing and appointed man came up, he provides hope, encouragement and real talk for others to see. To set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. Kevin cares about all people, yet his story is to be heard because his mission or assignment must be fulfilled. As a fellow Believer, sister, Friend and Mentor, I encourage you to work on your assignment.
Kevin Berthia-What can I say? A lot- about a man on a mission of hope, life, light, and encouragement for others.

Aminta Mickles

Who is a Wife, Mother
Friend and Educator

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us and share your experiences with us. Hearing your story was really inspiring and helped inform our understanding of mental health. Thanks for all that you do!

ASB Mental Health Group

Stanford University

Kevin is a true inspiration. I have had the opportunity to hear him speak on there separate occasions. Hearing him share his personal struggles, pain and triumph brought me to tears each time, but his story also showed what it means to have strength, faith and the courage to live. I am blessed to have met Kevin and been positively impacted by his journey and to be able to call him my friend.

Stephanie Peskowitz